Dog Therapy with Healing Paws (January updates)

Happy New Year from RO! :)

The hall is abuzz with excitement, with the members all eagerly craning their necks to look at the entrance, hoping to be the first to catch a glimpse of the much anticipated “guests” of the day. Suddenly, a loud bark cuts through the chatter filling the hall. The members squeal in excitement, with some immediately getting out of their seats to rush forward to greet their new canine friends.

This January, we were honoured and grateful to have Healing Paws from SOSD to come down with three of their dogs to interact with our members. This provided a great opportunity for our members to learn how to approach and play with dogs, which not many have had a chance to previously. It also provided a platform for some of the members to safely face their fears of dogs and realise that the cuddly mutts only wanted to be friends. It was an extremely heartwarming sight to see members who were originally terrified of dogs fall in love with them by the end of the session. Our members de-fur-nitely had a pawsome time that day!

One of our members, Jun Jie, showering his new friend with a lot of love!

Felice enjoys the companionship of her new furry buddy!