July 2018 Updates!

These are our 3 main highlights in July 2018!

  • VSA Competition

Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd (VSA) is a charitable organization and they introduced an art competition with hopes to provide opportunities to access the arts for the purposes of rehabilitation and social integration for individuals with disabilities.

RO is participating in this competition by submitting some entries. To prepare for this, our members made some scratch art. We hope some of them win! 😀

  • Craft Activity 

"The members also participated in a craft activity whereby they had to create portraits of one another using scrap pieces of magazines. 

The aim of the activity was to spur creativity by identifying colours and shapes, and using scrap paper to create a unique artpiece. 

While this posed as a challenging task for some members, it ultimately enabled all to express themselves creatively." 

-Hoi Ye & Gek Chi

  • Fireworks Outing

It is a yearly tradition for RO to watch the NDP fireworks, Not only do we get to have fun by watching the splendid fireworks, but we also get to raise awareness about PWIDs to the general public. It is also a joy to see our friends for other MYG projects as well! 😊

Indeed, July was a blast! Do come back next month to read our August highlights!