November 2019 Updates!

Hello! November has come to an end, and we have much to update you with too! 😁

1. Purple Parade 2019

For the first week of November, our members and volunteers took part in the Purple Parade with the purple flowers and props we made during our weekly sessions. Members were all really excited and hyped up during the event, as they paraded and grooved to the lively music and sounds while we all supported the inclusion and celebrated the abilities of people with special needs.

We are all different,                                                                                  
And that's beautiful.                                                             
Embrace your diverse colours;                        
They make you uniquely you 💖

                                                                                             Quotes from Karen Salmansohn and

2. Children's Charities Association (CCA) Walkathon

Our members also attended the annual Walkathon with the Children's Charities Association (CCA) of Singapore, where our members do their part to raise awareness and funds for the beneficiaries under CCA's six member charities, helping them lead better lives and brighten their hope for the future! As an annual event, it was an activity our members were looking forward to.

MINDS MYG also set up a stall at their fair every year, selling items that were handmade by members from various projects under MYG. This year, MYG's stall even won the Best Decorated Stall Award! Doesn't the store look pretty? 😍

3. A peek into our normal lessons in November! 😉

For one of our weekly sessions, we had the honour of conducting it with volunteers from the Guitar Club and SIMiCare. Our members had fun singing along during the guitar jamming sessions and playing games with some of our new friends!

In anticipation for the Christmas celebrations next month, our members also made Christmas trees with paper plates in another session. Don't the Christmas trees look cute? 😆


We also sung Christmas songs and played table games like Jenga, Connect 4, Fishing, Uno, Donkey, and many more! It has been quite a while since we last played this many games 😄

Thank you for keeping yourself updated with RO's activities! See you soon for December's updates :)