December 2019 Updates!

Hello! Welcome back for another month of updates in RO just before the year ends. πŸŽ‰

1. MYG Family Day at NTU

Our first event for December is the MYG Family Day at Nanyang Technological University. Our family members tagged along to listen to talks for caregivers while we had some fun collecting points through playing games, exchanging them for prizes, and watching performances by various CCA groups.

We got to participate in many different activities there, starting with colouring the pictures of Singapore 🎑, making our very own chapteh, as well as many other games like whack-a-mole, ludo 🎲, fishing 🎣, and a variety of matching games. We had loads of fun! Aren't you jealous you didn't join us?πŸ˜†

2. RO Camp at Sinar Eco Resort

We held our annual camp this year at Sinar Eco Resort in Johor Bahru, Malaysia to take a break from the bustling city life in Singapore. When we arrived, we took a special ride to a river cruise to look at the nature surrounding us.

The next day, we got to tour around the resort and visit a variety of animals such as cowsπŸ„, cats😸😺, rabbits🐰, and horses🐎 too!

Don't they look pretty? Our members were also very brave as they gave their shot at feeding these beautiful animals.

After the animal feeding, we did some Christmas crafts, where we made Christmas ornaments and made Christmas cards!πŸŽ„

Look at our RO Christmas tree! It took us a rather long time to assemble them! πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚

Lastly, what's Christmas without some presents? We had a lucky draw and each member were given a present based on the number they picked! 🎁🎈

Hope it was a wonderful December for you too! Here's to seeing you again next year! πŸ»πŸ˜‰πŸ₯‚