March 2019 Updates!

We had a wonderful and eventful March, here are the highlights!

  • MYG Sports Day 2019 
During sports day, we competed in sports as well as had fun together with our sister projects under MYG. With weeks of training and members' effort, we managed to proudly win some medals in many sports such as Captain's Ball and Bocce. Good job everyone!

MYG AGM is when we look back to the past year and make plans for the new year, together with 10 of our other sister projects. Let's hear from the sharing from one of our volunteers who attended the event. 

It was my first time attending MYG AGM and it made me realized how RO is just a small committee among a larger MYG committee. It was insightful to know how other projects have been carried out their programmes and it also gave me some ideas on the events I would like our own members to experience as well. There were also a lot of behind the scenes and hardwork put into events like MYG Sports Day and Family Day that made those events more meaningful and made me appreciate them more.   

-- Najihah 

  • RO AGM
March also marks the end of FY 2018/19. We had our AGM and we introduced the new committee. Here is a sharing from one of our outgoing committee members: 

Being part of the committee for Reach Out FY 2018/19, AGM was a bittersweet event. It was a day to celebrate the accomplishments made in the past year, and pass on the duties to the new committee.

Our chairperson FY2018/19, Limonium, gave a speech that summed up our learning points in the past year and plans moving forward. Volunteers then took turns sharing of their experiences at  RO. Although we have been volunteering for different lengths, everyone felt that they were part of a community that worked towards the greater welfare of our members. Siti, the chairperson FY2019/20 then led us to interact with each other and brainstorm ideas. It was a meaningful activity, with volunteers coming up several suggestions that members would surely look forward to. 

-- Yi Jun

Now, let's introduce the new committee!

Chairperson: Siti

Volunteers sub-committee
Vice-chair (Vol): Jia Ying

Volunteer Administrative: Xin Yun
Secretary: Tuan

Members sub-committee
Vice-chair (Members): Shannon
Members Administrative: Ze Ping
Programmes: Caitlin, Najihah, and Vidisha

Indeed, March was a blast! Do come back next month to read our April highlights!