April 2019 Updates!

Hi there! We can't wait to share our exciting updates for this April :) 

  • Environment-themed activities
22 April is Earth Day, so many activities were related to the environment. Members learned about various methods to prevent food wastage,  basic concepts about recycling and even did a scavenger hunt to explore nature.

Wind chimes craft

  • Bowling outing 
 On 13th April, we had a bowling outing sponsored by Lion Club Singapore. Members all had lots of fun on that day!

Here is some sharing from one volunteer:

"Bowling has always seemed like an individualistic sport to me. But throughout the day, the joyous smiles on our trainees’ faces has showed me otherwise. I’ve managed to walk around photographing the ubiquitous moments of comradeship between both the trainees’ and volunteers alike. I have observed trainees cheering one another on, volunteers teaching the various techniques to bowl and even the gratefulness showed to the organisers of this event (Lions Befrienders) through hugs and handshakes. All in all, this has been a truly enjoyable and meaningful event for all. It precisely demonstrates the fact that despite their differences, all of our trainees are still humans – with a caring heart and a fun loving spirit."

--Run Hao

Aim for a strike

Our champion!

It is so delightful to see members' smiling faces! Want to see more? Come back in May and hear more updates!