May 2018 Updates!

In May, we did quite a few crafts!
  • Mother's Day Explosion Box

In conjunction with Mothers Day 2018, our members did an explosion box for their mothers and any of their maternal caregivers. The box had well wishes and even a special ring inside. It was surely a creative way to show appreciation!

  • Origami Tuxedo

As the members will be going to a dance concert next month, we thought it'll be complementary for them to do some crafts that will be related to the concert. Our members made these tuxedos and dresses using merely origami paper! How innovative!

  • Plastic Bottle Flowers

The members also made these colorful flowers by using empty plastic bottles and paint! How beautiful! The best part is that they still can recycle the plastic bottles! Nice!

Next month will be an even more exciting month as we have a few outings and ACID! Do look forward to next month's post! 😁