April 2018 Updates!

April was yet another exciting month! Our members gained new skills such as making Quesadillas and learning how to take photographs. Below are some reflection by the volunteers who led the session. Good job everyone!

On 14th April 2018, I conducted an activity at MINDS for the very first time. My activity was to teach the members how to make a healthy Mexican dish called Quesadillas. Quesadillas usually involves vegetables and I wanted the members to understand that vegetables can also taste delicious. It was a lot of fun teaching members. I got praised by members and volunteers for my cooking skills and it was really an amazing experience. The members seemed really enthusiastic about this activity and enjoyed eating this dish as well. One of the members even gave me a her own artwork as a token of thanks. This was a really good learning experience and I would like to thank RO for giving me this opportunity to organise an activity here. I am looking forward to organizing more such fun activities at MINDS! :)


Over the course of the past two RO sessions, ACS(I) Photographic Society has conducted a basic photography course, which included an outing to Gardens By The Bay for the members of RO. Through this course, the members have learnt basic techniques regarding the use of a DSLR, and basic photography skills. It has definitely been an enriching experience for all of us, as we did our best to encourage members to use photography to express themselves.

It was rather interesting to see the world through the members’ eyes, which was something we had aimed to do when planning the programme. For example, some members preferred to focus on colourful flowers, while others would rather look at the sky. Although some members are usually not very vocal when sharing their thoughts, we were able to learn a lot about them through the types of photos they took, and this made the experience all the more meaningful.

Though we had doubts originally as to whether such a programme would interest the members, we were met with an overwhelming positive response. It was very heartening to see the members so involved and interested in photography, and their desire to learn and improve was definitely very inspiring. Their infective excitement and beaming smiles when they took a photo brought joy to our hearts and further encouraged us in this journey.

I am very grateful to RO for providing me with this opportunity to serve the members, and I am sure that my club members have also gained a lot from this experience, be it patience, love or kindness. The support provided by the committee during the planning phase was extremely helpful as well, and I could not have done this without them. Though the planning process was filled with challenges, I have learnt a lot through this experience, and so I encourage all the volunteers to plan their own programmes for RO as well!

- Shannon Lee

What an exciting April! Come back again next month to read our May highlights!