RO Camp 2015 (Olympus) - Ze Ping

When I first accepted to be in RO Camp 2015 planning committee, I never knew what was expected of my role; the wall of text sent to me did not help much either. With almost negligible experience attending camps, much less planning for one, I could only contribute minimally to the pre-camp preparations. Maybe I should have been more vocal then? No? Anyway, once Camp OLYMPUS was formally coined and preparations completed, all was set for the actual day.  As the day of the camp impended, I felt greater uncertainty- was it possible to execute the camp without a hitch? Would the members enjoy it?

"Scavenger Hunt" was the game that succeeded the commencement of the camp. Perhaps the journey to Seribum Camp was too tortuous and tiring, members were somewhat exhausted. Nonetheless, they were still poised for "Scavenger Hunt".  Initially, members were extremely enthusiastic - asking almost everyone they met the questions they were assigned - but eventually the scorching sun tired them out. Even so, they still persevered and completed their mission. With the tools they uncovered during Scavenger Hunt, they showed their artistic talent through decorating their own team flags. The final result? Each of the 4 teams (Apollo, Hercules, Athena and Poseidon) having their own distinctive flags. 

After lunch and a short respite, members were brought to the Butterhill where we were initially afraid members would be reluctant to try out. Although the more active ones were eager to participate, the majority tried to shun away. It came as a pleasant surprise when some members we thought would not be willing to try were able to muster the courage and slide down the hill with the volunteers proudly cajoling them on!  (As a side note: I Shuddav’ taken up the 50 buck dare to slide myself…) Going back to topic, the water games ended when members transported their "ammunitions" and used them to knock-off the opponent's flag. Seeing their ebullient faces, it was indeed an unforgettable game of joy.

As night falls, it was time for dinner. Guess who's the happiest? While the members were busy feasting in the canteen, few volunteers were stationed at the periphery, busy with preparing for the small BBQ to stimulate the ambience of a camp. Despite just finishing their dinner, the members were able to swiftly annihilate the BBQ food within seconds; this might just explain what is meant by "there will always be a second stomach for dessert" except this time, it was a salty one. What matters of course was the sincere happiness the members projected on their faces. Their innate kindness and willingness to help, even in their small little ways such as fanning the "Satay Uncles", touched many of our hearts. At last, the Finale - Time for the Members to show what they have been practicing for the past hour in front of the raging camp fire.  Each performance was spectacular and displayed their individual characteristics, notwithstanding some more affectionate and zealous than others. However, all of them truly epitomize the spirit of Camp OLYMPUS.

Before I began to even indulge myself into the party, it had already ended (Day 1 of the camp that is). The dousing of the camp fire did not signify the end of the camp but the start of a new journey: An inspirational adventure that I hope, I as the "Argonaut", could venture, one that could rekindle the joys in life, one that could (probably) protect or even intensify the burning flame of innocent passion in each of the member's heart! 

** Special mention to Ms Stacy Chua for the cash contribution of $200 to the camp.