MAF 2015 - Puspita Roy

One of the loveliest Chinese festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival in RO was about celebration and bonding among the ROvers, lantern processions, Tea appreciation with sweet mooncakes and enjoying the telescopic view of the moon at its biggest. 

At RO, the preparation for the special occasion started from afternoon. ROvers were in full swing to decorate the venue and welcome the members with their family for the festive evening. 

There was carnival atmosphere all around. The members were busy making their own lanterns and decorating them to showcase marvels of creativity, artistry and traditional craftsmanship. The members along with trainers went for a walk from the MINDS center to Skyville @ Dawson to show off their glowing lanterns. 

All the guests also had a chance to appreciate Chinese culture at the Team sampling booths. Instructors walked through the basic tea appreciation and intricate rituals of Chinese Tea drinking such as varieties of tea, proper preparation, tea drinking etiquette etc.

The evening ended with the bang lighting sparklers and enjoying the delicious moon cakes.