October 2019 Updates :)

Hello! Back for another month of updates in RO?

For the month of October, we conducted a Children's Day event with Children's Wing (CW) and East Point (EP) and prepared for our participation in the Purple Parade. We also went to Haw Par Villa to celebrate this year's Halloween! 😁😱

1. Children's Day celebration 🎉🎈

We organised a Children's Day celebration with two other MINDS MYG project groups, Children's Wing and East Point, on our 1st session for October! Our members were really excited for this big day and had a lot of fun engaging themselves in games and activities with the children as well as interacting with them! Members also learned more about the act of giving as they handed out gifts they made for the children in a previous RO session. Some even made their own gifts for every child and participant!

2. Halloween 🎃👻🧛

Another big event this month was Halloween! Our members took the opportunity to learn more about various mythologies and stories found at their visit to Haw Par Villa. While the weather wasn't the most encouraging, our members kept their spirits up, listening intently to the stories told by our tour guide. The tour guide also posed questions along the route to test their attentiveness and their enthusiasm allowed some members to bring tiger balm souvenirs home!

Since we were at Haw Par Villa, our members also went to visit the Ten Courts of Hell to not only test their courage but also reinforce various good and bad behaviours!
Thank you for keeping yourself updated with RO! 😘 See you around for updates on November! 😆