September 2018 Updates!

Hi there! September was an interesting month!
  • Apple Collaboration
A team of employees from The Apple Singapore came down to spend some time with our members. It's pleasing to see our members using technology to learn new things. The members managed to learn about human body parts through the various games installed in the iPad. It was a fun and enriching experience for our members! 😃

  • Mid Autumn Festival
"In conjunction with this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF), RO celebrated by going on an outing to the Citizen Farm! At the farm, our members learnt the importance of farming, and even had a farm tour. After the tour, there was a tea-making workshop where members could mix and brew different kinds of tea leaves.

At the end of the session, they were even able to drink their own tea combination. The members sure had a lot of fun at the citizen farm!

We continued with the MAF Celebration by heading back to the LKC Garden School for our annual MAF dinner with snacks and herbal eggs. Of course, we concluded the fun-filled night with our lantern walking!"

- Foong Kheng
  • Learning about emotions
Here is a reflection from one of our fellow volunteer!

"It was my turn to be in charge of IP, so I decided to conduct a lesson on emotions. From the lesson, our members learnt various ways to cope with their emotions and express them positively. To complement the lesson, the members got to play an interactive board game which mimicked the classic board game, “Snake and Ladder”. Through the lesson and the game, we hope that, in the future, our members will be able to apply what they learnt into action. Overall, the members enjoyed themselves despite the time constraint, and it was a productive session! 👍" 

- Najihah

Indeed, September was a blast! Do come back next month to read our October highlights!