August 2018 Updates!

August was yet another thrilling month! These are few of our highlights!

  • National Day Sand Art

"In lieu of Singapore's 53rd Birthday, the members used red and white colored sand to create a sand painting of Singapore's flag. Our members have never interacted with sand to create art before, and it seems like they enjoyed their first time doing so! The members also learnt some facts about our national flag. It was heartwarming that the members enjoyed and could bring their paintings home!"

- Kanika

Happy Birthday Singapore! 😁
  • Guitar Lesson

We were blessed by Vidisha and her friends who came down to RO to teach our members how to play the guitar. It was the first time some of our members even touched a guitar! Our members learnt the Em and G chords, with the help from our volunteers. It was heartening to see our members happily sing and strum along their favorite hits such as Xiao Wei. It was also inspiring to see that our members are open enough to learn new skills such as playing the guitar! 

Yay to always pushing boundaries and trying new things! 😀
  • Outing to the Fire Station

"Our members got to learn what firefighters do, behind the scenes. They were so excited when they could go inside the firetruck! What impressed the members most was how fast the firefighters responded - The firefighters got in their uniforms in less than a minute after the fire alarm went off! WOW! A follow-up lesson was conducted in RO to explain the function and importance of each part of the fireman attire. The members also revised basic fire safety rules so that they would remember them in the long run."

-Jia Ying

Thank you to all who keep Singapore safe every day. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!😀

Indeed, August was a month with a few "firsts" for our members! Do come back next month to read our September highlights!