March 2018 updates!

These are our 3 main highlights in March 2018!

  • We had our annual MYG level Sports Day! 

Sports day is one of the few MYG level events, where all 11 projects come together, to participate in sports. This year, we had Arcade Games, Badminton, Bocce, Captain's Ball, Soccer & Track. Our members sure had a lot of fun, and some even won some medals! Good job to all of them, we are so proud of them! 

  • We had an outing to West Coast Park (WCP)!
Our members learnt the difference between "Organic Waste" and "Inorganic Waste", and were able to identify what are the items that could be recycled. We also cleaned our environment by picking up the litter that were around us. We concluded the outing with a well spread picnic. What an outing!

  • We had our Annual General Meeting (AGM)!
AGM is when we come together to reflect about the past year and recognise volunteers' efforts. We then pass on the baton to a new committee who will set the direction for the upcoming year.

Thank you outgoing committee for leading us in the past year, and now, introducing the incoming committee for the year 2018-2019!

Co-chairs: Ze Ping and Limonium

Volunteers sub-committee
Vice-chair (Vol): Sandy
Secretary: Yi Jun
Recruitment: Siti
Volunteer welfare: Xin Ai

Members subcommittee
Vice-chair (Members): Wei Chuan
Members Administrative: Wen Qi
Events: Alicia
Programmes: Joanna, Shannon and Jia Ying

The committee looks forward to working alongside you in the coming year! :)

What an exciting March! Come back again next month to read our April highlights!