Christmas Party - Liu Qing

Time flies! I still remember the first day I joined RO, and I was too nervous to talk. Then, ding-dong, it’s Christmas, and I was asked to help organize the Christmas celebration. After Samuel made the flow, it was as expected that we were lacked of many things. Two weeks prior the celebration, every day I could receive the messages that “Does anyone have…?” “I have”. We were a team and worked together to make this celebration the best for our members.

Many of us arrived early to help with decorations, photo booth set-up and other preparation work. For me, this Christmas celebration was more than a fun party; it was cozy as it helped our members to connect more closely with their families. I have to say all the activities brought surprise and happiness for volunteers, members and their families. I love the Christmas cards they made for us at the PD session. It was very meaningful as I haven’t received a handmade gift for such a long time. Even though the photo booth set-up was very troublesome, it helped us to record the happy timed we shared together. With all the props prepared, the photos were really hilarious and distinctive. I could feel that they were really happy when they played all the games. Thanks to Samuel’s good idea: “monopoly” that the members had various games to play, and the whole session became even more interesting. This game lasted for about an hour, but no one got tired and “意犹未尽”!

The gingerbread house was a disaster at first, as the roof kept falling even after assembly). But thanks to Kheng Yee’s hours’ persistent efforts, we finally had three houses to share, decorate and eat as a tradition of Christmas! And it was dinner! Everyone brought tasty food, and there were too many categories to choose from. I have to say, it was a delicious party. Everyone enjoyed the food, and of course, more importantly, they enjoyed the time with friends and their families.

We had singalong after dinner. We sang a mixture of the traditional Christmas songs and other RO routine songs. All the members and volunteers even danced with the rhythm. By the way, Alvin’s hot dance (热舞) was really impressive! Happy moments always pass quickly… The final part was to exchange gifts. The volunteers had bought the gifts for our members, and we really hope they would like them.

I am glad to have joined RO where a bunch of like-minded ones share the same goal, to bring happiness to our members. I get the feeling as said in Chinese: ”赠人玫瑰,手有余香”. I have no doubt that we will create and share more quality time together, with our members and our volunteers.