Why Volunteer With Us? - Jiewen

More than 8 months had passed since I started volunteering. I used to be uncomfortable in communicating with people in the past…However, I always wanted to volunteer to help the less privileged… A friend shared with me that volunteering can help in personal development and at the same time fulfills what I always wanted to do…So here I am!

After joining RO, I have learned that volunteering is not just about contributing back to the society; it is also an enriching process for one to be a better person. Teamwork develops through the organizing of activities and events, helping one another.  It is a fun-filled and rewarding experience as the volunteers and the members have fun together, sweat together and interact with one another through the weekly activities, developing friendship. Yes!! So keep them coming!!

Not forgetting…where food experts shared fantastic places for eating…*cough*…I have gained weight *cough* shirt getting tighter… Just kidding! Haha! It is a great way for bonding with volunteers from different walks of life too!

 I feel that I am now able to better communicate and work with people…also better understand myself…Great!

Learning is a never-ending process, no matter how old one may be.
One may age, but not the heart.

Let us come together to learn, have fun and have a rewarding experience!!