A Thank You Message from RO Camp 2012 Chairperson

Dearest RO,

We have finally come to the end of our RO camp! I hope everyone had a fun time during the camp. The weather wasn't exactly what I would had wished for, however it sure didn't dampen our spirit. We still managed to build our sandcastle, play our games, give out our presents, sing our song, eat our bbq, enjoy the halloween party and play with water in the swimming pool and I'm glad that most of the events went smoothly. Like how Eve puts it: "BBQ in the rain holding umbrella = volunteer bonding session". In my opinion, the rain made the BBQ extra special and much cooler as well..

Anyway, I couldn't have done this all by myself, so here are the people that made the camp possible:

Amanda - I promised that it is going to be a "shake leg" role, but I'm sure you know I know you know that its never going to be so simple, and yet you still so readily agreed to be the 2IC. Thanks for taking the time to come up with the food list for the BBQ, I'm sure the members and volunteers found it to be awesome. Many thanks for helping with the cleaning up, carrying of stuff, buying of lunch and etc etc..

Jingyi - Even though you couldn't make it for the camp, thank you for agreeing to be the treasurer. For you, the hard work only begins now.. I have a whole bunch of invoices and reciepts for you to sort out.. So thanks in advance!

Jordan - The main man behind the logistics.. The reason why all of you guys have chairs to sit on, food to eat and sleeping bags to sleep in. Thanks for providing your van to carry all the stuff that we need to make the camp a success!

Pei Rong - If there is a highlight in this camp for the members, it would be the halloween party (other than my bingo game and BBQ lol) that you have organised. I got to say the party really exceeded my expectation.. Thanks for spending the whole day to prepare for the party. GREAT JOB! AWESOME JOB! SPECTACULAR! (ok running out of vocabs here..)

Eve - Thanks for agreeing to take up the job of organising all the activities we are going to do during the camp. Without them, we will just be spending the whole day playing kinect in the chalet. Also, many thanks for all the advice and opinions that you provided when I was racking my brain over the whole flow of the camp.

Kock Leong - Thanks for your help in chartering the bus to NSRCC, for being the first aid man, for handling a lot of the logistics, remembering to remind us of the birthday cake and for helping out in all the roles that I've missed out on. You complete us haha..

Jian Ming - Even though you are not in the committee, your help in taking over all the TA sessions while I can't be bothered/am too bz to do it is very very much appreciated. Also, thanks for helping out with a lot of the activities and buying of breakfast on the first day. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much!

Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers who helped out with the logistics on saturday's morning, the hosting of the kinetic games, preparation of lunch, setting up of the BBQ, sponsorship of presents for the Bingo game, decorations and acting as ghost for the halloween party, cleaning up of the chalets, preparation of breakfast, buying of lunch on sunday, sending the members back on the MRT and taking of photos throughout the camp.. You guys/girls know who you are so I will not mention names (too many to list out anyway). And finally, thanks to all the volunteers for taking such good care of the members throughout the whole camp. This camp wouldn't be possible without all your help! Oh and thanks Andrea for your sweets from overseas, (I didn't get to try it though) I'm sure it made the party extra special for the members.

All in all, I hope this camp fulfill it's tagline of "Good food, fun games, relaxing environment and amazing party".. And most importantly, I hoped everyone managed to bring back good memories, lots of sweets and presents from this camp. Thank you all for all your support!!

Wei Chuan