A Day at the MYG Sports Meet 2012

On 25 August 2012, MYG organised an annual Sports Meet. That was the most interesting event I looked forward to. Let me share with you my wonderful experience there.

At 1pm, we assembled at the SIA Building. After a few minutes, our bus arrived. Then we boarded the bus. After half an hour, we arrived at our destination, Hwa Chong Institution.

Upon arrival, we assembled at the Kah Kee Hall. After a few minutes, the rest of the project groups arrived. Then we were divided into four different groups: Group A, B, C and D. Our emcee, Alvin from BKTG said that the theme of our Sports Meet is “Galaxia”.

Our project group, RO was attached to Group C and our group leaders were Charmaine and Hazel. After another half an hour, our programme began.

First, we did some warm up exercises. Then we were dispersed to different game stations, group by group.  Our first station was Bocce and Bowling. After the instructors instructed us on how the games were played, each of us took turns. First, we played Bocce, next we played Bowling.

After that, we proceeded to the next station, Soccer. At the station, the footballers were divided into three groups, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I was attached to the advanced group. During the game, I managed to score three goals.

After that, we proceeded to the third station, Table Tennis. I challenged Osman in the game. Next we proceeded to the fourth station, Basketball. We took turns to play the game. Finally, we scored twenty-one points.

The last station was the Track and Field station. Tiong Hung, Mei Bao, Li Ting and I participated in the 100m race. Due to bad weather, the three-legged race and the 50m hurdles race were cancelled. When the 100m race started, Tiong Han, Mei Bao, Li Ting and I ran very fast towards the finishing line. I ran faster than the other three runners. When I ran towards the finishing line, the crowd cheered for me. 

Then we went back to our seats. After the prize presentation ceremony, we went back to the Kah Kee Hall to collect our bags, then we were dismissed group by group.

Although I was not selected as the champion, I look forward to such sporting events in the near future. Of these events, the ones I like the most is Bocce and 100m race. That is because, during the 100m race, I can have the chance to get the girls like Mei Bao and Li Ting to run together. I also got the chance to run very fast like those athletes in the London Olympic Games.

In conclusion, I hope that I will be the champion in the next 100m race during the MYG Sports Meet next year.

By Andrew Saw, 32, RO member (our trainee!)
26 August 2012

Recount was transcribed from beneficiary’s diary with minimal editing done about his experience at this year’s Sports Meet.