Why Volunteer with Us? - Fang Min

I joined MYG Project Reach Out (RO) during my first year in university. The problem was, or so I thought, I studied overseas. Therefore, I could only go down to RO during my school holidays. I was worried that I would not have enough time to click with the beneficiaries, find out more about them and be able to truly help them because I was not there for them half the time. I might end up causing more disruptions with my constant appearances followed absences. 

However, 3 years down the road, with the help and encouragement of the volunteers who are also now my friends, I have managed to contribute much more than I could ever have imagined. Some of the beneficiaries even understood my circumstance, that I was absent for some periods because I was studying overseas; yet they remembered and welcomed me like long time friends every time I was back. During my longer break, I was even able to help plan lessons for the Integrative Programme (IP) to teach the members life skills and social skills. I am still a regular volunteer, or as regular as my holidays allow me to be and I sincerely look forward to more great years with RO.