Why Volunteer with Us? - Han Kwang

"When I contacted MYG in 2009 to join RO, it was with the often cited thought of giving back to society.

Today, two years later, it has become a habit, an activity which I look forward to every weekend. Sometimes I wonder if I look forward to it more than our beneficiaries do. Lol.

This enthusiasm came about because RO taught me that volunteering is not so much about giving back, but rather about developing a relationship. Every Saturday is a meeting with friends, because that is what our relationship really is not one of volunteers and beneficiaries, but of friends who eat together, walk together, play together, laugh together.

RO also provided me with a sanctuary away from the rapid development and demands of our society.Even though we are always trying out new things and overcoming difficulties to provide everybody with fresh and exciting experiences, RO maintains a very yesterday feel, and the simple worlds of our beneficiaries make even the smallest gestures significant.

Volunteering is like an unplanned vacation. You never know what you will find around the corner, who you will meet along the way, and what you will see and learn. I hope our paths will cross one day, and you will take a break from your itinerary and join us for a part of this simple journey."

Vice Chairperson 2011/2012: Han Kwang

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We operate every Saturday, 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

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